How to Install

How to install
  • Use high speed blade to cut the pipe
  • Cut the pipe in round shape
  • The edges of pipe should be smooth otherwise it can be damage the Gasket
    while inserting in the pipe
  • Pipe should be inserted till the end of the fitting
  • Keep the fitting collar in the middle point of die.
  • Press the die till both face of tool join
  • Crimping Tool Detail
    Crimping range Cu16-43mm 2
    Crimping force 16T
    Crimping type Hexagon crimping
    Stroke 20mm

    *pipe as pre JIS 3448

    S. S 316L Grade Standard Pipe Fittings
    Standard JIS-3448 JWWAG-116

    Suitable for drinking water as per IS 10500

    InstaPressFit TM 316L Stainless Steel Plumbing System
    EPDM Details for water Plumbing
    Material Percentage(%) Function
    EPDM Rubber 32.00%
    Filling Calcium Carbonate 16.00% Stabilize, avoid D-shaper of rubber
    Reinforce (N330, N550) 31.20% Provide Crack Resistance
    Softener (Paraffine Oil No - 300) 15.20% Avoiding Penetration due to moisture
    Accelerator 01.12% Provide high physical property
    Vulcanizer 00.64% Provide weather resistance and ageing resistance
    Other 03.84% To give shape
    Total 100.00%
    Other O Ring Details
    Material Colour Temprature Function Usage
    Fluoronrubber Brown -30°C -170°C 16 Steam high temperature hot water
    Filling Calcium Carbonate Yellow -40°C -150°C 16 Gas Fuel Oil
    In case of special requirement please specify in purchase order

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